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London Spy 06:06:15: Our Saturday #London Review

It's our weekly London roundup starting with a few headlines that caught the eye in London over the last week or so, click the links for the full stories…

DINING: Return of The Ivy! – Bloomberg

PHOTOGRAPHY: London's Launderettes – Evening Standard

POLITICS: "Devolution" For London? – The Scotsman

SCIENCE: Designing Drugs on the London Underground – That's Interesting Science Blog

CYCLING: Five Toughest Climbs In London – Daily Telegraph

If You Do One OTHER Thing In London…

Our weekly slot in which we point you in the direction of other happenings and events in our great city. A new exhibition, a gig, a museum, a pop-up-shop – the best of London within a few minutes of a London Walks walking tour.

Christina Broom Close Up

Christina Broom was the UK's first female press photographer. Here work is being celebrated at the Museum of London Docklands.

On the 25th June, you can join Soldiers and Suffragettes curator, Anna Sparham, Edwardian postcard expert, Guy Atkins and other experts as they unpick the remarkable career of Christina Broom and discuss the intriguing and changing role of the image in Edwardian society. Plus enjoy an exclusive after hours viewing of the exhibition at the first of our late night openings of the exhibition this summer. The exhibition, which is free to enter, will be open until 10pm.

Here's a video preview…

Museum of London Docklands
West India Quay
Canary Wharf
London E14 4AL

The Museum entrance is two minutes walk from West India Quay.

DLR: West India Quay
By Tube: Canary Wharf
Bus.gif By Bus: D3, D7, D8, 277, N50, D6, 15, 115, 135
By River: Thames Clippers
10-15 minute journey on a Thames Clipper riverboat from Bankside or Maritime Greenwich Pier to Canary Wharf Pier. Call 0870 781 5049 for times and prices.

Walking & Footwear News

Act your age, not your shoes size… oh… er…

Super-size teen Sam Preston stands at an impressive 6ft 6in, but it is his enormous shoe size - that measure a full 14 inches long - that really stands out.

At more than double the average for a teen his own age Sam’s feet are bigger than superstar sportsmen like Olympic gold-medallist Ian Thorpe and former England footballer Peter Crouch.

Full story at the ITV website

Handy tips we're hoping to be using VERY soon, with thanks to GQ magazine…

At the end of a long, hot, foot-exposed day, your piggies can look pretty disgusting. After all, sweaty feet are like magnets for dust and dirt. So how do you avoid unwanted foot filth? Here are four simple tips:

1. Get High
Wear sandals that have a higher foot bed. The raised sides keep more of the dirt from reaching your soles and toes.

2. Keep 'Em Natural
Sandals made from materials that breathe—like cork, leather, and rubber—absorb sweat. It's one of the reasons we like Birkenstocks.

3. Wipe Away the Grime
Carry Wet Wipes in a travel pack, so you can wipe your feet off in private as needed. Then just dry your feet with a paper towel and re-sandal.

4. Get Rid of Dead Weight
Dirt likes to stick to rough, dry, and dead skin. Use a pumice stone regularly to scrub your heels and feet and keep them smooth.

Read GQ here…

And here's LW's Andy Andy Rashleigh, the East End’s finest, giving us the lowdown on his sandals of choice…

For me it has to be Keen walking sandals WITHOUT socks. Three years old, they have also been with me in the Trossachs, Tuscany and the Jurassic Coast. The seams and tread are on their way out but I'm holding on until the summer sales start.

The Editor adds: Here is a pic of some Keen sandals…

…and here’s another of some socks…

We’ve kept them apart in our pictures and, as Andy so rightly suggests, one should also keep ‘em apart in public. What you do in your own home is another matter and none of our business. But please, gents, not in respectable society. Thanks.


Andy crewed yachts in the Caribbean, was held at gunpoint in Haiti and delivered cars across the USA. He's a grizzled old actor/playwright with a wealth of experience, knowledge, unbeatable London stories and a deep love of his native city.

Seen In London This Week

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? Oh, THERE you are…

If anyone knows why Mystery Inc were out and about by Moorgate on Thursday about 7:30p.m, do get in touch. Zoinks!

Read In London This Week

Daily Constitutional editor Adam, who leads the Rock'n'Roll London Walk on Wednesdays and Fridays, is in the process of publishing the first Rock'n'Roll London Comic Book Fanzine!

The 20-page publication, going to print next week, is a mix of comic book, fanzine and self-guided walking tour with maps, reviews and trivia. The first issue features Pink Floyd and rounds up some of the locations that Adam just doesn't have the time to get to on the route of the Rock'n'Roll London Walk.

A digital edition will also be available next week and a crowdfunding campaign will follow to raise £250 in support of the next two issues (more details soon), but in the meantime there's a 6 page FREE SAMPLER available for download! Click HERE to download your copy! NB The Rock'n'Roll London Comic Book Fanzine contains adult subject matter.

A London Walk costs £10 – £8 concession. To join a London Walk, simply meet your guide at the designated tube station at the appointed time. Details of all London Walks can be found at

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