Thursday, 11 June 2015

My Favourite #London Street

London Walks guide & Daily Constitutional Associate Editor Richard III introduces us to his favourite London street…

My favourite street in Soho, Meard Street, built in the 1720s, is beautifully preserved. It was named after the builder. You can almost picture the Huguenots in these photographs.  This house is being renovated…

You can see how they didn't plaster the walls and put on paint or wallpaper, they placed wooden panels straight over the brick.

These are Grade One Listed and they can't change the interior. Two or three doors down (after the sign "this is not a brothel') the house went for £7.3 million last year.

(DC Editor Adam adds: The "This Is Not A Brothel" sign to which Richard refers can be seen HERE.)

Do you have a favourite London street? Drop us a line!

Richard III

Richard III, scion of a Lord Mayor of London,  is a writer, actor, director and stand-up comic. And the only London Walks guide to have addressed the United Nations! He leads the Soho Pub Walk on Sunday nights

Richard III is out and about this afternoon working with Andy on the new episode of the London Walks Podcast on London Crime & Punishment. We'll share the results soon. In the meantime, here's a recent episode…

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