Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Wildlife Photography – #London Style

London Walks' pen & Daily Constitutional Special Correspondent David writes… 

In Trafalgar Square.

Felt a little bit like David Attenborough in a blind. Waiting. Just waiting.

(Which, if you think about it, made two of us.)

The point being this is a sequence you don’t normally see. Unless you wait it out. Hang around until the prey breaks cover.

Or, I suppose, just happen to be coming back through there at exactly the right time to catch the metamorphosis.

Put me in mind of Macbeth’s great lines. I’ve subbed them a fair old bit.

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor stuffed manikin,
That hustles and drudges his hours upon his perch,*
And then is heard no more. Til tomorrow and tomorrow
And tomorrow. It is a tale
Told by a phersu,** full of wiles and whiles and (maybe) slight desperation,
Signifying nothing.

*Or, if you prefer, pitch

**phersu is an Etruscan word. It’s the main root of our word person. It means mask.

Ok, here’s the sequence.

And what I most wanted to know – apart from his backstory, where’s he from, does he have a family, what were his aspirations when he was a kid, how did he get into this line of work, etc. – where’s he keep the orange trolley during his hours upon his perch?

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