Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday Is Rock'n'Roll London Day

I'm pretty sure he wouldn't thank me for it, but Ronnie Scott is going centre stage today on Rock'n'Roll London Friday.

Here's his plaque at Golders Green Crematorium…

This most famous of all British jazz musicians crops up from time-to-time in the story of Rock'n'Roll. He played sax, for example, on The Beatles' Lady Madonna. His club, still a Soho fixture, is where Jimi Hendrix gave his final performance in September 1970. The Who launched their monumental Tommy there, performing to the assembled music journos of the day and changing the direction of rock music at a stroke.

Ronnie Scott was born in the East End, at Aldgate, to Jewish immigrant parents named Schatt. His first jazz club, opened in 1959, was at 39 Gerrard Street in Soho, moving a few years later to bigger premises at 47 Frith Street.

Here's our Rock'n'Roll London promo…

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