Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Missing Plaques of Old London Town No.5

We all know and love London’s plaques – blue or otherwise. They pop up on our London Walks like cultural buttons waiting to be pressed by our London Walks guides.

Regular Daily Constitutionalists will know that we have already rounded up 100 of ‘em for our Plaque of the Week series (search “Plaque of the Week” in the top left corner of this window).

London Walkers often ask about them. Why are some blue and some green? How do property owners feel about them? How can one “qualify” for a plaque?

Our mission in this, our occasional series, is to extend this conversation… by issuing our own plaques to those who have been left out. You may have a thing or two to say on such matters. As usual, get in touch via email or on Twitter @londonwalks.

How about a plaque to mark the spot of a "disused" London Underground station that was never used in the first place?

North End station, near Golders Green on the Northern Line, was conceived as the deepest station on the network at some 200 feet below ground. Work commenced in 1903 and was abandoned by 1907 due to planning issues for the surface building and the comparatively low number of passengers predicted for the station. 

It is known by its nickname, Bull & Bush Station, taken from the nearby pub of the same name. During WWII the station was used for secret storage and is said to have been accessible only from the driver's cab on passing trains.

Here's how the location, in Hampstead Way, would look today if it had a plaque…

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