Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Why No Busking?

Adam reports from Tottenham Court Road… 

It's my least favourite of all London signs.

A few weeks ago, assembling at Tottenham Court Road station for the Rock'n'Roll London Pub Walk, we enjoyed the sounds of some hefty reggae performed by two fellas with guitar and drums.

When I say "we" I mean me, the London Walkers who were joining me on the Pub Walk; along with the smiling passers-by; and the folks waiting for their dates to arrive – not that I asked them if they were enjoying the sounds. I didn't need to. I could tell by the fact that they were grinning and swaying in time to the music.

Best of all, two coppers and three members of London Underground staff stood nearby. Why best of all? Because I assumed that their presence was a tacit granting of permission to the musicians to lighten our load and cheer up our day and make a couple of quid for themselves into the bargain.

How wrong I seem to be – the sign pictured above was snapped at that same Tottenham Court Road station.

Why no busking at Tottenham Court Road? What harm is it doing? It cheers us up.

No wonder the Germans call us The Land Without Music.

NB. This post does not reflect the opinion of London Walks as a company, but is the personal view of London Walks guide Adam who, once-upon-a-time, was a busker himself.

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