Friday, 30 October 2015

David With A Further Word on the Meaning of #Halloween

Here’s David:

“For some serious, how about this little set of reflections. It was in the Middle Ages – in the West – that relations between the living and the dead underwent a major change. The ancient world didn’t like its corpses. It feared them, was repelled by them. That’s why the Romans, for example, buried their dead outside their towns and cities. Along the roads that led into the countryside. The Middle Ages dansed to a different macabre: their dead were integrated into the urban space. Every town, every village was built around a church and a cemetery. And historians think that the cemetery might well have antedated the church. So when we go into those churchyards on Halloween  night we’re, well, turning our back on the classical world and 'going mediaeval'. It’s Hello Wallace but Goodbye Marcellus!”

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