Sunday, 29 November 2015

Best Gloves Ever! #redmittens @TeamCanada @hudsonsbay

DC Editor Adam writes…

Last night I saw the best gloves ever on the Ghosts of the Old City Walk – I spend a lot of time outside in the winter leading London Walks and tend to get pretty excited about this kinda thing.

The pics are not the best – the lighting conditions were, of course, set to spooky rather than fashion photoshoot. But you get the general idea, here they are…

Splendid gloves, no?

I immediately went home to buy a pair. Am I Canadian? Nope. But are they not the coolest gloves of all time? If you have to ask, you didn't look at the picture!

Sadly, the gloves are not currently available in the UK.

I am inconsolable.

But if you are in Canada, you can buy 'em from The Hudson's Bay Company and all the profits go toward the Canadian Winter Olympic team. That's how much I love these gloves: I was even prepared to undermine British Winter Olympians to get a pair. Which is a big deal when you consider that I am a Scot and the stars of the British Winter Olympic Team are my countrywomen and men of the excellent curling team.

Dear Hudson's Bay Co – are you planning to ship to the UK anytime soon? I've got a long winter of London Walks ahead and these mittens would be the very dab*.

(* the very dab – Scots colloquialism meaning perfect, ideal or the perfect fit.)

P.S If you can recommend an equally dapper pair of gloves or mitts, give us a shout at the usual address, or via Twitter @londonwalks or leave a comment below.

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