Monday, 2 November 2015

#Halloween Urgent Appeal: Did YOU See Anything Strange In The City of #London Late on Saturday Night?

Well, we tried our best to move on. We really did. We tidied up this blog first thing on Sunday 1st November, taking down the black background and the pictures of blue plaques tinted blood red. We spiked the zombies, ditched the witches and staked every vampire in every post until The Daily Constitutional was a blog fit for respectable people once again.

But some things are just beyond our control.

Others yet are beyond even our understanding.

Despite our best efforts, the clammy fingers of Halloween are about us once more! Despite All Hallows! Despite All Souls Day yet!

Ahem. That means we got an email…

Dear London Walks,

I was wondering if you could clear up a small mystery for me? I went on the Haunted London walk last night (Halloween) along with my girlfriend and we both had a strange experience.

Whilst walking up to St Dunstan in the East church, we passed an elderly woman of about 80 making her way slowly down the street. We both thought it a little odd, considering the time and location, for an elderly woman to be out on the street, but didn't mention it to each other.

At the church, however, our guide told us the story of an old woman who was killed during the Blitz on her way to choir practice at the very church we were standing next to… Following this, my girlfriend remarked to me that the elderly woman we had both seen was wearing a small cardboard box on a string around her neck (which I had not noticed).

After the walk had finished, we looked up what this box might have been, and it turned out to be a WW2 gas mask box.

My question is this: was this woman part of the walk experience (and if so, she was very convincing!), or did we both experience something of a ghostly situation?

Name & Address supplied

Gentle readers, walkers & Daily Constitutionalists, can you help? Did YOU see an old woman out and about, dressed in such a fashion carrying a gas mask case in The City on Saturday night.

Did you take a picture?

If so, please get in touch at the usual email address we may have a real case here for The Worshipful Company of Ghostologists.

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