Thursday, 24 December 2015

#BobCratchit2015 – A Wander From Cornhill to Camden Town Stave 1/5

Adam writes…

It's Christmas Eve and yesterday, in honour of Bob Cratchit, I traced his footsteps on his journey home from Scrooge's Cornhill office to his humble abode in Camden Town.

I started the day by making a sketch on the Northern Line for a cartoon of Bob…

No details of his journey are listed in A Christmas Carol, so here's the route I planned before setting off…

And here's the route I ended up following…

It's probably not as direct a route as that Bob himself would have chosen, but I tailored it to go through my beloved Clerkenwell – as you will see later today in Stave Four of this special Christmas Eve mini series.

On the way I snapped a few piccies of Bob Cratchit's London Christmas past, present and yet to come. I hope you enjoy them. Happy Christmas!

Next… Stave Two – Cornhill to Little Britain

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