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London Christmas Shopping Guide 2015 No.3. Porterford Butcher #xmasinlondon #londonxmas

Welcome to our London Christmas Shopping Guide 2015. 

Over the next few weeks we'll be pointing you in the direction of our favourite shops and shopping neighbourhoods near the meeting and ending points of our London Walks …

D.C Editor Adam weighs in with…

No.3. Porterford Butcher

NOTE ADDED MARCH 2016: Porterford is NOT just for Xmas – they do EXCELLENT sandwiches at lunchtime, too

Every year the Worshipful Company of Butchers take part in their annual Boar’s Head Ceremony – in which they bring a boar’s head in tribute to the newly ensconced Lord Mayor of London.

Whether or not David Cameron was invited this year – given his alleged proclivities in the pig department – is unclear.


“A very jolly bunch they are, too, The Butchers” says London Walks’ Karen of the members of the Butchers’ Company – she met them a couple of years back as she took a walking tour along with the ceremony.

The ceremony also means that Christmas is on the way. And in the work-work-work world of The City, one little corner glams itself up for the Festive season: Bow Lane. Just around the corner in the famous Watling Street, you’ll find Porterford, a traditional butcher shop.

We’re prepared to wager that had the born-again Ebenezer Scrooge been aware of Porterford, then he would have despatched his boy here for Bob Cratchitt’s Christmas turkey.

The knowledgeable Porterford chaps are old school, very keen to tell you all about their wares, give you cooking tips and suggestions and fill you in on the origins of their goods.

They are also as sharp as their own knives and will never miss even the slightest opportunity to crack a gag. If you go into their shop with the line “I want a bird for Christmas,” be prepared for a veritable gale of satirical banter. Politically correct? Not much. Funny? Good God yes.

This is my favourite:

Customer: I’m here to collect my turkey.

Porterford Butcher: What’s the name?

Customer: Scott.

Porterford Butcher: No, sorry. We don’t have a turkey called Scott. We’ve got one called Tracey, will she do?

The annual Christmas pantomime? Forget it. There are more laughs in Watling Street by far. Expert service, too, don’t forget, but it is the welcome you’ll remember, particularly at this time of year. Never let it be said that Londoners don’t know how to keep Christmas in their hearts.

P.S. Excellent at lunchtime, too.

How to find Porterford Butchers…

Porterford Butcher, 72 Watling Street, London EC4

Christmas 2015 With London Walks

The Amazing Old Shops Walk takes place on the 19th December – meet Judy at Green Park Station at 10:45a.m

The Christmas Lights & Seasonal Cheer Pub Walk takes place on the 19th December meet at Embankment Tube 7:15p.m

On Christmas Day there are TWO London Walks:

Walk up an appetite with The Christmas Morning 1660 Walk – meet at 11:00a.m by the big tree in Trafalgar Square

Walk off the pudding with The Christmas Day Charles Dickens Walk – meet by the big tree in Trafalgar Square at 2:00pm

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