Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Streets Ahead: Our Special Correspondent David on #YouAintNoMuslimBruv

In an extra edition of his column Streets Ahead, Daily Constitutional Special Correspondent David Tucker writes…

Last week I shared a post headlined David Get Your Gun – you can catch up with it by clicking here.

Since the episode at Leytonstone Station last week, I'd like to add a few words…

We’ve – here in the UK – got gun control. The United States doesn’t have much gun control.

Think about – it hardly bears thinking about – how we would have fared at Leytonstone Tube if wannabe jihadi Muhaydin Mire had had an Ak-47 instead of a hobby knife.

What we got was a very brave lift engineer and “you ain’t no Muslim, bruv.”

What we would have got – if a gun lobby and its true believers was running our show – was carnage.  Including two riddled corpses – suspects – who now can’t be of any help, can’t be interrogated. Unlike Muhaydin Mire.

I know which I’ll take.

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