Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Editor's #London Diary 2015: April

It's the last day of 2015 and the Daily Constitutional's editor Adam looks back at his walking & blogging London year…


The Romans in London… 2015-Style

Always a busy month, April this year kicked off with the Romans riding into Trafalgar Square…

… in a vivid staging of the crucifixion.

The Sacred Beers of Belgium!

April is also the month when I get to sample "The Sacred Beers of Belgium" as my friend Oliver Verhelst calls them. Olivier brings a group of students from Bruges to London every year, and here are the beers he brought me this year as a gift…

…thanks Olivier!


April also sees the onset of spring, perfect weather for walking in Kensington…

Best Jobs In The World

I truly believe I have the best jobs in London – editor of The Daily Constitutional and London Walks guide. But I like the look of this fella's station in life, I have to say…

Where Did You Get That Hat?

In April I had cause to ponder one of life's big questions…

Will I EVER grow out of finding road cones on the heads of statues anything other than hilarious? 

I fear it's too late for me.

This one (above) has to be the best of the genre, given the subject – Isambard Kingdom Brunel – and his famous taste for high-rise headgear.

Next… May

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