Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Editor's #London Diary 2015: June @I_W_M

My London Year 2015, by Daily Constitutional editor Adam…


23 Years A Londoner
June 2015. A monumental month for me. The 2nd of June was the 23rd anniversary of my move to London. By the 3rd of June 2015, I had lived in London for one day longer than I had ever lived in my native Scotland.

I celebrated, naturally, with pie and mash, my first time (!)…

The occasion was tinged with sadness in that Cooke's Pie & Mash shop was set to close in July. The shop was featured in the movie Quadrophenia and I just made it. RIP Cooke's…

Smoking Zone

June also saw a trip – my first in an age – to the Churchill War Rooms…

…where my now eight-year-old daughter pointed to the desks in the beautifully preserved offices and asked:

"Why are there dishes on the desks?"

My reply: "They are ashtrays."

Her bemused response: "What are they for?"

The Rock'n'Roll London Comic Book

June was also the month in which I approached production of the first ever Rock'n'Roll London Comic Book. It went very well, barring the small teething problem when it emerged that I had given A3 rather than A4 measurements to the printer! Luckily this was ironed out before printing began…

Next time… July

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