Wednesday, 6 January 2016

#newyearsresolution Finish That Novel & Visit The Old Operating Theatre @OldOpTheatre

Adam writes…

So, Daily Constitutionalists: how's it going with the New Year Resolutions?

I have every faith you are reading this as you sprint up Shooters Hill with smoke belching out of your FitBit.

But if not, here are a few resolutions & plans for 2016 from the London Walks guides, posted in support of those who resolve.

Kevin Flude adds…

My resolution is to publish my first work of fiction and begin the massive task of completing all the unfinished articles, books and projects littering my hard disc.

Stage 1 has been completed - uploading the academic articles to academia.ed (Facebook for academics?); publishing his first short story 'The Missing Pillbox', a counter-factual World War 2 story.

Stage 2 is to complete a couple of Museum articles, perhaps leading to a book. Revise 'The Four Humours ofShakespeare'  and finish a work in progress  - a novel based on the history of London.  Oh, and publish some of my walks.

More immediately, my new walk Thomas More & Thomas Cromwell's London - The City of Wolf Hall gets an outing this Saturday 9th January at 2:30pm meeting at the Barbican Tube

The Walk creates a portrait of London in the early 16th Century, with particular emphasis on the life and times of Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More.

More and Cromwell had much in common, both lawyers, commoners, who rose to be Lord Chancellor to Henry VIII, and ended their career on the block at Tower Hill.

The walk starts with an exploration of Smithfield  - site of the stake where Heretics were burnt alive and to St Bartholemew's Monastery - given to Richard Rich after his decisive role in the downfall of Thomas More. We  continue to St Paul where Martin Luther's books where burnt, and later, were Puritans attacked dancing round the Maypole. We walk along the main markets streets of London, to Thomas More's birthplace, and to the site of More's and Cromwell's townhouses before finishing at the site of the Scaffold where More and Cromwell met their ends.

Kevin Flude

Kevin Flude is a former Museum of London archaeologist, who is now the Creative Director of the Old Operating Theatre Museum. He has enjoyed leading Guided Walks since the late 1970's.

A London Walk costs £10 – £8 concession. To join a London Walk, simply meet your guide at the designated tube station at the appointed time. Details of all London Walks can be found at

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