Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A BIG Shout Out To #London Museum & Gallery Staff at @sciencemuseum, @NHM_London, @V_and_A, @NationalGallery, @NPGLondon & @britishmuseum

The Daily Constitutional Editor Adam writes…

I spent a most enjoyable day yesterday doing some groundwork for a forthcoming project here on The DC featuring London museums - making notes for some blog posts, a little bit of filming and some podcast recording, as well as research for my walking tours.

I was in-and-out of museums and galleries from South Kensington to the Euston Road and I pretty much lost count of the number of times my bag was searched.

On every occasion the men and women charged with the task did so not only with the efficiency required for the job but with a welcome friendliness and often with good humour. It can be an unpleasant process – for searcher and searchee both – and I'm sure they get some pretty tricky customers over the course of the day.

This museum visitor, however, found all the security staff without exception to be cheerful and welcoming and generally great ambassadors for London.

It's not a very sexy thing to type on WhingeAdvisor – it won't give me that instant rush-of-blood-to-the-head that the Simon Cowells of cyberspace seem to crave. But it's worth saying.

If we have to live in such a security conscious climate, then I'm glad that we are in such good hands. Well done and THANKS to everyone I met yesterday.

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