Sunday, 14 February 2016

Royal Love Stories for #ValentinesDay

The great soap opera of royalty has thrown up more than its fair share of love stories…

King George VI, devoted husband of…

… Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother). When she was asked if the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were to be evacuated from London for the duration of the war, she replied: "The Princesses will only leave London if I leave; and I will only leave London if the King leaves London. And the King shall NEVER leave.”

A lesser-sung tribute to Prince Albert down Kensington way…

… and his bride uncharacteristically far from his side way over in Fleet Street

Finally… Eleanor of Castile, bride of King Edward I, first Queen Consort of England. – as depicted at Charing Cross Underground. Among mediaeval kings, Edward I is noteworthy for not having fathered children out of wedlock. And in the story of British royalty THAT qualifies him as a romantic!


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