Thursday, 11 February 2016

You Won't Believe This Photo of the River as the #ThamesBarrier Closes

This just in from London Walks guide Steph…

Thought I would show you this - on my Somewhere Else London walk on Tuesday, the day after the rain and horrendous winds, etc. The river was unnaturally high - you could touch it by leaning over the wall.   A very nice gent called Keith in my group took the photo and emailed it to me.

As you know, "If the lion drinks, London sinks" - and it was having a good lap!  They must have forgotten to close the Thames Barrier...

Thanks for this amazing shot, Steph! 

In actual fact, the Thames Flood Barrier has been closed for the very first time this winter – thanks to a combination of high tides and the bad weather. Here's the story as reported in The Daily Express.

Stephanie, a splendidly droll ex-Elephant Keeper, was in Shakespeare in Love! She's a professionally qualified Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, City of London, and Blue Badge Guide.

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