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London Spy 19:03:16 Our Weekly #London Review #LondonSpy

It's our weekly London roundup starting with a few headlines that caught the eye in London over the last week or so, click the links for the full stories…


London Spy is Compiled & Edited by Adam Scott-Goulding…

WORLD POETRY DAY MONDAY: It's World Poetry Day on Monday and in South London you can pay for your coffee with a poem…

Honky Tonk, on Clapham Common South Side, and Manna Dew, on Battersea High Street, are taking part in Pay with a Poem to get people to pour out their ideas in exchange for a drink.

It is all part of a worldwide initiative by Austrian coffee company Julius Meinl to get more people to appreciate World Poetry Day.

Full story: South London Press

THEATRE: Set phasers to stun…

In a bid to stop audiences from distracting actors on stage, staff at a London theatre are shining lasers at audience members who won't turn off their smartphone. The Times reports that Jermyn Street Theatre, a small auditorium in the West End, adopted the practice after hearing reports of its success inside the Shanghai Grand Theatre and Beijing's National Centre for the Performing Arts in China.

Full story

PUNK 40: Photographer Jill Furmanovsky captured the birth of Punk and there's a retrospective of her work at The Barbican Music Library

One of the earliest and most renowned female music photographers, Furmanovsky's output speaks for itself. From Bob Marley, the Ramones, Debbie Harry, and Miles Davis, to James Brown, Zeppelin, and a hell-raising stint as the photographer at London's legendary Rainbow Theatre in its most hedonistic prime, Jill's list goes on.

This month Furmanovsky is celebrating the 40th anniversary of punk by digging through her prolific catalogue of work. Putting together an exhibition combining the visceral anarchy of her favorite (many never before seen) frames with a selection of rare memorabilia, album artwork, and clippings.

Full story in

The exhibition Chunk of Punk is at the Barbican Music Library in London from March 2 to April 28.

In Brief…

EVENTS: Water Fight! Time Out

NORTH LONDON: Battle of the Burbs Primrose Hill v Highgate – Ham & High

TUBE: What We Most Hate About the Tube – London Loves Business


DC Catch-Up

Stories you may have missed on The Daily Constitutional this past week…

Monday's photoblog captured the Natural History Museum on a rare, spookily quiet day…

On Tuesday I saw a g-g-g-g-g-g-Ghost (!) on the Ghosts of the Old City tour. Photographic evidence? here you go…

On Tuesday David shared 156 Things To See In Hampstead… on Thursday I got all excited about Top Trumps… On Wednesday I caught the calypso bug on the South Bank… and on Friday I blogged about the accessibility of music in the modern age


If You Do One OTHER Thing In London…

Our weekly slot in which we point you in the direction of other happenings and events in our great city. A new exhibition, a gig, a museum, a pop-up-shop – the best of London within a few minutes of a London Walks walking tour.

Easter egg hunt? Hunt no more, Lambeth is the place for you and the original home of Konditor & Cook and their range of splendid Easter treats.

Konditor & Cook was opened by Gerhard Jenne in the old Queen of Hearts bakery at 22 Cornwall Road SE1 and is now something of a mini-chain with five other outlets in Central London.

This one is my fave, though, situated as it is right at the end of the Somewhere Else London Walk on Tuesdays.


Walking & Footwear News

Self-Lacing Shoes: the Future is NOW

Nike’s HyperAdapt self-lacing shoes are supposed to be the stuff of science-fiction dreams, but they are finally here, only a year after Marty McFly discovered them in the beautifully imagined 2015 of Robert Zemeckis’s 1989 film Back to the Future II. Snapchatting tweens will no longer have to be able to bend at the waist or put down their can of Red Bull while slipping on their footwear.

Full story in The Guardian.


Seen in London This Week

The Watch Gallery sent us a map this week charting the history of watchmaking in London…


The Watch Gallery's website/shop is here:

Seen In London This Week 2…

The Rock'n'Roll London Walk is the only London Walks tour with its own dedicated comic book – and you can now buy it at Orbital Comics in Great Newport Street! Here it is in the splendid Indie section…

Seen In London This Week 3…

The original British punk Dennis the Menace is celebrating the 40th anniversary of punk rock at DC Thomson's HQ in Fleet Street…

Last Word

Dare we hope? Is spring close at hand…?

London Spy will return next week…

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