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The DC5 No.3: Sherlock Holmes

NEW FOR 2016! DC Editor Adam writes…

In December 2015 The Daily Constitutional posted its 4,000th post.

Throughout 2016, I'll be pointing you back into our archive, to look at a few posts that may not have seen the light of day for a while but which I'm sure will remain of great interest to London Walkers and Daily Constitutionalists everywhere.

They'll be arranged by theme, there will be five in each post and they'll be posted on the fifth of each month at 5pm.

Welcome to The DC5.

The DC5 No.3: Sherlock Holmes

1. Daffy Duck as Sherlock Holmes
First posted 12th January 2015

Adam writes…

"The words 'contains mild and frequent comic violence' are among my favourite in the English language. Especially when they herald five pristine minutes spent watching a Looney Tune from the 40s or 50s. And Daffy Duck was always my favourite.

Daffy Duck is venal. He is vain. Calculating, pompous, self-centred, self-aggrandising, ruthless, cheap and a vile self-preservationist. He'd sell his granny's eyes for two bob.

In fact, when the cartoon work dries up for him, he'd excel in high public office.

What better actor than Daffy to scale and sledge the bipolar peaks and toughs of Holmes's alpine mood swings?"

Full post HERE.

2. Sherlock Holmes: Sex Symbol
First posted 21st February 2012

LW guide Adam learns about the charms of the cadaverously handsome young Master Cumberbatch…

When the name Benedict Cumberbatch was mentioned, there was a palpable fluttering among the group.

A similar flutter occurs if talk turns to Johnny Depp on the Jack the Ripper walk.

It would seem that the BBC’s new Sherlock is something of a dish.

Being immune to young Mr Cumberbatch’s charms on that particular level, it added a new dimension to my understanding of the great detective: Sherlock Holmes As Sex Symbol.

Full post HERE

3. The Sherlock Reading List
First posted January 28th 2009

LW's Sherlock expert Richard Burnip selected his five favourite Sherlock tales…

“I thought I'd pick five Holmes stories, one from each of the collections, each of which has a strong London connection.

4. Sherlock Takes on The Ripper
First posted November 2008

Some London Walkers in fancy dress…

Full post HERE

5. Conan Doyle – Poet
First posted 9th October 2014

LW Sherlock expert Richard Burnip contributed a Doyle poem to our London poetry series – The Old Huntsman…

"His poetry is so little known! This one, from 1898, features a disturbing theme associating the inexorable pursuit by dogs with inevitable death… three years before he wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles."

Full post HERE.

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