Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The DC5 No.4: #London Bridges

NEW FOR 2016! DC Editor Adam writes…

In December 2015 The Daily Constitutional posted its 4,000th post.

Throughout 2016, I'll be pointing you back into our archive, to look at a few posts that may not have seen the light of day for a while but which I'm sure will remain of great interest to London Walkers and Daily Constitutionalists everywhere.

They'll be arranged by theme, there will be five in each post and they'll be posted on the fifth of each month at 5pm.

Welcome to The DC5.

The DC5 No.4. Bridges

1. Old Men & Tower Bridge
First posted 31st August 2011

Adam on the romantic appeal of Tower Bridge to the more mature gent…

Tower Bridge opens around 1000 times a year to allow river traffic to pass underneath on the way upstream. Twenty-four hours notice is required if you are bringing your vessel through this famous London gateway. And watching it open is most certainly A London Thing. But there’s more.

Standing on London Bridge watching the people who are watching Tower Bridge raise its famous bascule mechanism is an event in itself. Everyone stops to watch, women, men, boys, girls. And they all enjoy the spectacle.

But keep a particular eye on gentlemen of, ‘ow you say, a certain age.

Full post HERE.

2. A London Bridges Photoblog
First Published 14th May 2012


Full post HERE.

3. Sunset on Southwark Bridge
First posted 16th September 2012

4. Archway Bridge in Comic Book Form
First posted 19th May 2015

"This one is the Hornsey Lane Bridge, often referred to by its chilling nickname Suicide Bridge. The frame above really captures both the precipitous bridge and the thundering river of traffic in the man-made chasm beneath. Designed by Sir Alexander Binnie, and also referred to as Archway Bridge (it spans the Archway Road) it is a cast-iron replacement for an earlier brick bridge designed by John Nash."

Full post HERE

5. A Christmas Card to The Drivers on the Northern Line
First posted 21st December 2009

There is a bridge in north London that crosses the High Barnet Branch of the Northern Line. It has no name, save its official soubriquet of Bridge HB30. It’s not much to look at. Nobody knows the architect. It sits just north of East Finchley station, the last open air platform before the trains plunge into what was once the world’s longest tunnel, to emerge at Morden, the southernmost terminus of the Northern Line 17.3 miles and 26 “Mind the Gap” announcements later. The locals pay the bridge little heed as they traverse Church Lane, N2. Unless those locals are parents of young children…

Full post HERE

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