Thursday, 26 May 2016

London's Archaeological Heritage In Danger – Sign The Petition

London Walks guide Steph brings the following petition to our attention –

Steph writes…

"This was sent to me by a CoLAS (City of London Archaeological Society) member - it is a worrying development, regarding potential changes in how archaeological sites will be assessed. London Walks guides and London Walkers might want to know about this, and maybe sign the petition."

Thanks Steph.

Here's the petition…

Britain has some of the most amazing and diverse archaeological remains in the world, however the new Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill announced today puts all of this at risk, leading to the destruction of our past for good.

The current requirements that force developers to carry out archaeological and wildlife surveys before starting housing projects are to be abolished in the new Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill.

This will destroy archaeological sites and risk the industry that conducts surveys, excavation and preservation of our vital past.

For more info, and to sign the petition, click HERE.

For more info on The City of London Archaeological Society visit their website at

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