Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Tale Of Two Toilets – Loo Loo's & Toulous

DC Editor Adam writes…

I always love the scenes in melodramatic Hollywood movies where the scriptwriter contrives to bring the goodie and the baddie together for a bit of expositionary banter before the big fight scene. The baddie invariably fixes the goodie with a level gaze and says something along the lines of, "We're not so very different, you and I…"

Makes me think of those great adversaries South London and North London.

(Which one is the goodie and which one is the baddie is up to you.)

I'm posting here about two London eating places separated by 10 miles as the crow flies and around an hour via the North and South Circular roads. One is in Hampstead Garden Suburb, the other in Putney.

In North London, Cafe Toulous has been converted from its former purpose as the local public lavatory…

Meanwhile down in Putney Loo Loo's Cafe also has a history as a public convenience…

Two loos – one for ladies one for gents – become Toulous and Loo Loo's.

We're not so very different, you and I…

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