Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Now About Our Day Trips…

David writes…

Now About our Day Trips…

 "That great English sense of mellow inclusion..."

We travel by comfortable, high-speed train doesn't even begin to do the matter justice. Doesn't do it justice because what's really called for here is that wonderful German word: gemütlich.

The splendid George Courtauld, opens his very fine new book, England's Best Loved Poems (it's sub-titled The Enchantment of England), in the following fashion: "The English gift for fellowship is based on the love of people in all their quirkiness, diversity and eccentricity. I believe it is this affection, this English faith in our fellows, that has fostered the creation of so many clubs, societies, companies and movements - 'fellow-ships', which over the generations have been such a terrific force for progress and continuity, justice and self-expression.

"All the poems in this chapter reflect that great English sense of mellow inclusion, whether it be sitting together on a train or belting out 'The Old Hundredth'".

To which he adds: "Since 1990 I have commuted up to London by train. The patience, tolerance, kindness and camaraderie of my fellow travellers over the years seems to exemplify what one philosopher described as the unconscious English 'fellowship of strangers'".

And that's the hitherto unspoken reason why "we travel by comfortable, high-speed train..."

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