Thursday, 7 July 2016

The London Walks Blog… From Edinburgh @HibsOfficial

Adam writes…

If you joined any of the royal-themed London Walks tours on Tuesday, especially those that swing by Buckingham Palace, your London Walks guide will have pointed out that Her Maj was not at home - the union flag flies above the palace on such days and not the royal standard.

So where was she?

She was in Edinburgh, that's where. And here's the evidence…

This is Holyrood, the Queen's Edinburgh residence. As you can see she is hosting a garden party. The royal standard is flying in its Scottish version – two quarters with the lion rampant and one with the three lions of England. The royal standard flown above English palaces and castles has one quarter with the lion rampant and two with the three lions of England.

You might also note the green and white structure near the top right of the pic, toward the Firth of Forth.

That's the home of HMQ's local football team Hibernian, current holders of the Scottish Cup. Whether the queen supports her local Edinburgh football team – known as Hibs – is not a matter of record.

Queen Victoria, however, was clearly a Hibs supporter, a fact proven by this statue in Leith of ol' laughing girl wearing her green and white Hibs scarf.

Old Queen Vic is in good company as a Hibbie. Sir* Andrew Murray is also a fan of Hibs. Which gives me yet another chance to post THIS picture (third time in a week!)…

*Yes SIR Andrew Murray – Your Maj, if you're reading this, how about a badge for our favourite Hibs supporter?

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