Thursday, 22 September 2016

Colombian Art From the #London Treasure Trove @KoppelProject #LondonIsOpen

Daily Constitutional Special Correspondent & London Walks Pen David writes…

Every day, every day in London I see things, I get to see things, I wouldn’t have got to see if I’d stayed where I started.

I’m so thankful for that.

So consider this little post a paean of praise to the most stimulating city on the planet. And a love letter – yet another love letter – from this transplanted Yank to one of the great loves of his life: London, the city he’s been blessed to live in.

A paean of praise to London – but also of course a slice of London “look at this, good god, who’d a thought of it? Don’t see many – don’t see any of those, ever, in Plattpudville, Wisconsin.”

The look at this being this piece of a rice blanket

Saw it last night at 93 Baker Street – the Koppel Project (all pleasingly minimalist and bridal white and a lovely coffee bar). At the opening of an exhibition featuring five Colombian artists.

And, yes, those are grains of rice. Thousands of them. Grains of rice and the fine thread tying each of them, holding them in place, weaving itself – a line (or maybe lines) of fine thread and thousands of grains of rice – into a rice blanket.

The exhibition’s a bit of all right. Recommended.

Find the Koppel Project here…

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