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Fish & Chips at the Famous 2i's in #Soho @popsfishnchips

Where to grab a bite after/before a London Walk?

I've asked my London Walks colleagues to chip in their suggestions and I'll share them here regularly on The Daily Constitutional.

The Rules: All "reviews" were conducted anonymously and we paid our way. No kick-backs, no payola, no deals: these are the places that we London Walks guides - and London Walkers – choose when eating and drinking out and about in London. No buckshee burritos, nary a gratis granola bar was received in exchange for these recommendations.

And I promise never to use the word "eaterie". Seriously: have you EVER heard anyone SAY the word eaterie?

The Criteria: As well as the one-offs, the unique cafes, bars and stalls that make London so special, I'll be featuring reliable chains along the way. They have to be in London and within five minutes of the end of a London Walks tour.

I hope you enjoy them.

Have your say: As usual we'd like to hear from you – drop us a line with your own London foodie (and drinkie) tips.

Buon Appetito!

A.S-G London, May 2016

Poppies in Soho

The famous 2i's Coffee Bar in Soho's Old Compton Street is one of our stopping points on the Rock'n'Roll London tour. It closed way back in 1970 and in recent years has been occupied by a succession of pretty ho-hum restaurants.

Ho-hum no more!

A few weeks ago, that great East End institution Poppies Fish & Chips Shop made the move west and opened at the site of the 2i's, giving the place an excellent 50's style makeover. 

I was invited in a few weeks ago to have a nose around and was further delighted to see a section of uncovered mural from the glory days of skiffle…

All-in-all, it's a fantastic makeover.

For years I've been sending London Walkers to the four corners of London in search of traditional fish and chips, so I'm delighted that Soho, for so long a traditional chippy wilderness, has a truly great fish and chip shop once more.

Welome to Soho Poppies!

Here's the menu…

Find Poppies Soho here…

And here's a skiffle playlist to put you in the mood…

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