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#BookshopDay Our Favourite #London Bookshops No.7: Libreria & The Houses of Parliament Bookshop

DC Editor Adam writes…

I've been bullying (in a nice way) my London Walks colleagues for their top London Bookshops tips and I'll be sharing their recommendations here on The Daily Constitutional. Be sure to ask them for directions to their favourite bookshops at the end of their London Walks tours!

Earlier in our series LW guides Tom & Judy both recommended Daunt Books - catch up with that post HERE.

Proving that you can't keep a good guide down, here they are again with two more recommendations…

Further to her earlier post, Judy adds…

There is also a great, fairly new bookshop in Hanbury Street, Spitalfields called Libreria. My Jewish London tour on Fridays finishes nearby.

And Tom wasn't done, either. 

For parliamentary and political books, as well as presents ranging from House of Commons Fudge to a whole range of Suffragette items the Parliamentary Shop in Parliament Square is a must.

The shop is very close to beginning of Old WestminsterWestminster Abbey and Westminster by Gaslight walks.

Thanks again Tom & Judy!

About your correspondents…


Judy, winner of the London Tourist Board's prestigious Guide of the Year Award, is a professionally qualified Blue Badge and City of London Guide.

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Tom is a barrister, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Examiner for the Blue Badge Guides Course, travel writer and another creme de la creme professionally qualified Blue Badge Guide (he's the Chairman of the Guild of Guides Association). Follically challenged but motorcycling virile, his graceful wit, classic elegance of mind, infectious giggle, and gentle and generous heart make him the delight of all who know him. 

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You can check out Tom's and Judy's earlier recommendations HERE.

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