Saturday, 8 October 2016

#BookshopDay Our Favourite #London Bookshops No.10: The #London Review Bookshop @LRB

DC Editor Adam writes…

I've been buttonholing my London Walks chums for their top London Bookshops tips and I'll be sharing their recommendations here on The Daily Constitutional. Be sure to ask them for directions to their favourite bookshops at the end of their London Walks tours!

Star London Walks guide Brian chips in…

The London Review Bookshop in Bury Place is one of my very favourite London bookshops. It has a great stock of books and the staff are always helpful. They have book launches there and organise occasional events.

David adds… Here's a little film, shot last year, in which John at the London Review Bookshop makes an eloquent case for supporting our local bookshops… 

About your correspondents…


Brian, a professionally qualified Blue Badge Guide, won the London Tourist Board's Guide of the Year Award in 1994. His career has embraced the law, surveying, catering, dispatch riding and art - and the stage may be beckoning.


David – the Seigneur of this favoured realm – broods over words, breeds enthusiasms and is "unmanageable". A balterer, literary historian, university lecturer, journalist, and lifelong thanatophobe, he's also the London Walks "pen" – he writes "the famous white leaflet". 

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