Saturday, 8 October 2016

#BookshopDay Our Favourite #London Bookshops No.5: West End Lane Books @WELBooks

DC Editor Adam writes…

I've been nagging my London Walks colleagues for their favourite London Bookshops and I'll be sharing their recommendations here on The Daily Constitutional. Be sure to ask them for directions to their favourite bookshops at the end of their London Walks tours! 

Adam chips in…

Every time I visit the London Walks office I try to swing by the wonderful West End Lane Books in West Hampstead. I bought a fantastic book on cats there for my daughter and also one of our treasured hardback editions of Chris Riddell's Goth Girl

I always take care to buy Chris Riddell books in only the most special of bookshops. I believe that the place where the book is purchased is important to the story of the book as an object, as an artefact in my home. Each book is a memory in itself.

Not only is West End Lane Books a great shop, it also has the most consistently entertaining Twitter feed of any book shop out there.

Here are a few examples…

(Loving the phrase "Lit-Pushers")

You can find West End Lane Books here…

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