Wednesday, 26 October 2016

#plaque366 #Halloween Special William Shakespeare @podbeancom

A London commemorative plaque for every day in 2016. 

The plaques are selected from all walks of life, and all points of the London compass – and I'm taking requests too!

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Shakespeare in Noble Street, the City of London…

When we pick up a book on the most famous writer in the English language, somewhere near the beginning we will find a line that goes something like this: "Facts about the life of William Shakespeare are notoriously few…"

And the debate rages on about the existence – or otherwise – of The Stratford Man.

One thing we know for sure is that Shakespeare knew that ghosts put bums on seats and shoes on yard. We have apparitions in Richard III, in Julius Caesar and Hamlet, to name but three.

And that's before we mention the one we can't mention. You know. The one with the witches. The Scottish Play. The Glamis Tragedy. Very unlucky to mention its name. Superstitious types, these theatricals…

Here's my podcasting colleague Andy discussing the roots of this theatrical superstition on the London Walks Podcast…

And here's where to find the plaque…

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