Thursday, 3 November 2016

So What Does The Queen Do When They're Painting Her Flag Pole?

Adam writes…

Ooh, we love a flag here in the UK.

Famously, if the Union Flag flies above Buckingham Palace, then the Queen is not in residence. The Royal Standard is flown when the monarch is at home. 

Which is all well and good, but what if they're painting the flag pole? 

I snapped this pic on a London Walks tour earlier this year…

I make the assumption that The Queen would vacate the place when the decorators are in, but is there a point of protocol regarding the flag in such situations? 

Or does Her Maj use it an excuse to go "off grid"? Play a bit of Pokemon Go in her 40+ acre garden, perhaps? Or to get peace and quiet to catch-up on the last series of Downton Abbey with a box of soft centres?

I think we should be told…

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