Wednesday, 16 November 2016

#LoveTheatreDay A #London Theatre Picture Quiz. Do You #LoveTheatre Enough To Get All 10 Correct?

It's #LoveTheatreDay! To celebrate, here's a London theatre picture quiz. Good luck everyone!

Q1. Name this theatre…

Q.2. Name this theatre…

Q. 3. The Coward Theatre (below) was renamed in 2006. From 1973 it had been called The Albery. What was it called before 1973?

Q.4. A moving story took place in this alley in 1974. What happened?

Q.5. Name this theatre…

Q.6. Can you identify this theatre from its foyer…?

Q.7. Name this theatre…

Q.8. Can you identify this theatre from its doors…?

Q.9. This is Henry Irving. But which theatre is he looking toward?

Q.10. Can you name this former West End theatre from the detail pictured below? And do you know what purpose the building serves today?

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