Saturday, 26 November 2016

Petition: Save The #ColneValley Nature Reserve From #HS2 Development

DC Editor Adam writes…

I received an email from Fiona in the London Walks office yesterday. As someone who likes to yomp around the green spaces in and around London on my days off, it struck a chord…

Fiona wrote…

The Colne Valley Nature Reserve, right on the edge of London, is an area of outstanding beauty with lakes, 13 species of bat and even an endangered snail.

There are plans afoot to use this area to build the HS2 railway.

The Canal and River Trust have agreed to build bridges for them to go over the Grand Union canal. The lakes will be filled with the rubble from the building of this railway. The streams are to be filled with concrete for the lorries to go over. Hundred of trees, some of them ancient will be cut down.

All to shave 20 minutes off the journey from London to Birmingham.

A new railway bridge is to be built, just yards from the one that is already there. The area is used by lots of families, it will be a massive loss if it is destroyed.

Thanks Fiona. A few more facts…

HS2 is set to destroy some of the finest biodiversity in London and one of the finest outdoor assets, Denham Country Park. We stand to lose:
•            Beautiful nature on our doorstep;
•            Irreplaceable habitat (including Priority UK Biodiversity Habitat in wet woodlands);
•            Glow worm, water vole, otter, dragonfly and many more mammals, bird, fish, amphibian, reptile, invertebrate and plant species;
•            Natural flood mitigation protecting Uxbridge to Staines;
•            Natural water and air cleansing;
•            Outdoor pursuits;
•            Peace and quiet.

Please take a moment to sign and share the petition to save the Colne Valley Nature reserve…

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