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Big Walk Wednesday: #EastFinchley #N2 to #CrystalPalacePark #SE19 - Part Two of Two

DC Editor Adam writes…

As regular Daily Constitutional readers and some London Walkers will know, on my days off I like to stride out and walk London. I'm a big fan of the Capital Ring orbital walking route and I love to walk the Thames. Many of the pictures and ideas that end up on this blog are born out of my rambles.

On Wednesdays here on The Daily Constitutional, I'll be sharing some snaps, random observations and the odd bit of trivia picked up along the routes of my wanders.

Part Two of East Finchley to Crystal Palace

Catch up with Part One HERE.

Poor old Willian Ewart Gladstone. The second dead pub named in his honour (see Part One for the other one)…

Given the distance I had covered – about 12 miles by this point – I absolutely HAD to visit a cafe bar called Love Walk

An eccentric gem in Camberwell, I'll be blogging about its delights in greater depth in a later post.

Next up is King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill…

… where Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was born in 1947. But more importantly, my favourite walking companion Isobella was born here 60 years later in 2007. Here she is at King's on day one…

… and here she is on the way to conquering the Capital Ring with me in 2015…

(To my knowledge, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has yet to conquer the Capital Ring but she seems like a game, outdoorsy type. You'll have to ask her for yourself. Maybe she has a blog?)

The shot of King's (above) features the newly-created helipad – London's second, after the Royal London in Whitechapel – which was opened last year.

The King's College Hospital fundraising page is here:

And here's Woody, having a Starbucks at Dog Kennel Hill…

No need to ask "Who's a pretty boy?" here. Clearly it's Woody. South Londoners are ALWAYS a more colourful bunch (I speak as a South Londoner trapped in a North Londoner's body.)

Oh and here's the dog in the kennel at Dog Kennel Hill

Dog Kennel Hill is said to have been named for the kennel facilities used by the old Surrey Hunt. It is adjacent to Champion Hill where Dulwich Hamlet F.C ply their trade in the lower leagues of the English football pyramid.

The most famous of all Dulwich Hamlet players, Edgar Kail, the last amateur to play for England, married a girl from Tintagel Crescent…

… Irene Ramsay, daughter of the Hamlet groundskeeper.

For an earlier post on Dulwich Hamlet click HERE. (The post dates from 2011.)

East Dulwich, up-and-coming for years, has now achieved full gentrification. The street art is often startling…

And look! It's Camilla's mutti-in-law

For earlier photoblogs on East Dulwich Street art click HERE and HERE.

With the "G" word, however, comes change. And it was only a matter of time before The Irish Shop in Lordship Lane ran aground…

Sidebar… I once saw Mick McManus sauntering along on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich. Mick was a British wrestler, star of World of Sport's Saturday afternoon wrestling coverage on ITV. Dubbed "The Man They Love To Hate" (he was a baddie) and "The Dulwich Destroyer" he lived to the age of 93, losing the final count in 2013. It remains my most impressive star-spot in London.

Here's Mick in action from 1975. I was 6 years old at the time and I LOVED THIS stuff…

The last prefab on Lordship Lane

Pre fabs – pre-fabricated houses – were brought in by the post-war Labour government of 1945 to provide quick housing for bombed-out communities. At one point there were prefabs on both sides of Lordship Lane.

Only one prefab remains.

Erected in 1946 and 1947 they provided, for many of their occupants, not just shelter but a modicum of luxury: they were equipped with an inside toilet. Many people would only have lived in homes with outside toilets at the time.  

The development to the left of the pic is very new – the second-to-last prefab on Lordship Lane was cleared to make way for it. It may only be a matter of time before this last surviving prefab disappears along with all the others.

Heading southward, the next stop is Dulwich Wood, one of the largest surviving parts of the Great North Wood…

… for a spot of lunch.

That's the last portion of my homemade Christmas dinner soup from my Dennis the Menace flask (a gift from Isobella).

(I'll share some of my soup recipes on another day!)

The bar of Bournville keeps me going. 

When the Bournville is finished, it's time to turn back and go home. 

Bournville is The World's Finest Chocolate (sorry, Belgians, yours is a VERY close second) dubbed thus by my grandfather. Wullie was his name (Willie if you want to be posh) and I called him Pops. (I mentioned him in a previous blog post about cartooning.)

I'm sucking up to Bournville here in the hope that the Bournville folk will read this and send me a truck load of free samples. That's how it used to work on TV in the old days, wasn't it? No? Well, it was worth a try…

The bag (above) I've covered before - click HERE for earlier post. It is Matthew the Day Pack from Millican. It's the sturdiest, the best bag I've ever used - I stuff it full every day, and have done so for a year now, and it barely shows a sign of wear. Has its own waterproof cagoule, too. Great design.

The Millican website is here

The last leg. Off to Crystal Palace Park, my favourite park anywhere in London. I lead a special Crystal Palace Park walk (enquire HERE for private walks) but the people who work in and care for the park lead their own excellent, genuinely free walking tours which are always fascinating. Keep up with events here:

There's also a fantastic volunteer-run museum. Their website is here: 

The Museum staff run tours in the summer for a mere £3.50 per head and the money goes to the museum.

You can also become a friend of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs here:

Catch up with my earlier post on the park:

What I wanted to see, the point of my trip, was the freshly painted sphinxes (click the last link above to see what they looked like before restoration).

What I didn't know was that the collective noun for sphinxes is a finery. I found out on this banner 'ere… 

So heading past the spot where Michael Caine barked that his over zealous criminal colleague was "only supposed to blow the BLAHDDY DOORS ORF!" (See earlier post on The Italian Job)…

… I came upon a finery indeed…

Catch up with the sphinxes' refurb story in The Bromley Times.

Meanwhile, it was time for me to catch the train at Crystal Palace…

… I arrived back to a finally sunny East Finchley for a long soak in the bath (the "recipe" for which I'll blog another day)…

Here's a map of the walk…

You can book me for a private London Walks tour HERE

Here are few previous Big Walk Wednesday posts for you to enjoy…

Next Wednesday it's East Finchley to Richmond

A.S-G East Finchley, London 
January 2017

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