Monday, 20 February 2017

The #London of #SSGB – A Locations Map

Daily Constitutional Editor Adam writes…

Did you enjoy the BBC's SS-GB last night? Lots of complaints on Twitter about the sound and not being able to hear the "mumbled" dialogue.

I really didn't experience any such problems.

But then again, I wasn't playing with my phone posting complaints on Twitter while watching. I was paying attention!

The tale is an "alternative history" thriller set during WWII. It's 1941. The Battle of Britain has been lost. Churchill has been executed, The King is in The Tower and a resistance movement harries the occupying Nazis at every turn.

blogged about the original book and the new adaptation HERE yesterday and noted that Len Deighton's thriller gave London a starring role.

And so it was in the TV version.

It was a brilliant job from all concerned in the production department recreating and reimagining London.

The last remaining Spitfire swoops down over Whitehall…

Buckingham Palace laid waste…

Parliament conquered…

The SS in Scotland Yard…

Was that the interior of the Freemasons' Hall in Covent Garden standing in for the interior of the old Scotland Yard?

(AMENDMENT: Thanks to Edward Millward-Oliver, an authority on the works of Len Deighton, who has just emailed in to inform me that the interior for Scotland Yard was not after all the Freemasons' Hall, but the old Central St Martin's building on Southampton Row WC2. Thanks Edward! A.S-G 20/2/17 1.30p.m) 

The flats, where Chief Superintendent Archer lives are, according to IMDB, at Blythe House, Blythe Road, West Kensington and also feature in TV series The Crown and Marvel movie Thor (!).

Tense and harrowing, fantastically well performed, I loved every minute of it. My phone will remain switched off between 9pm and 10pm for the next four Sundays.

I've started a map of some of the London locations featured in the series and the book and will add to it as the weeks go on. I'm looking forward to having a re-read of the original source material, too. …

Did you enjoy SS-GB? Drop me a line at the usual address or leave a comment below.

Viewers in the UK can catch up with Episode One via BBC iPlayer here:

And there's a fascinating background piece on the BBC website here:

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  1. What volume did you have at ? As i found it was like they was talking muffled not first time bbc done bad sound does anyone at bbc check sound before broadcast programs ?