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How to Brew Your Own Cough Medicine

DC Editor Adam writes…

In December 2016 I posted the The Daily Constitutional's blog post number 5,000.

To mark the occasion I've been digging in the archive and over February 2017 I'll be reblogging The DC's "Greatest Hits" – my 50 favourite posts. 

In addition I'll be sharing my 50 favourite London photos to have appeared here since October 2008. 

I hope you enjoy them

Feb 2017

I posted this one in January 2013. It's one of my weirder boasts. Possibly my weirdest. 

I make my own cough medicine.

I don't call it "medicine", though. That's a bit highfalutin. I call it a tincture.

Yeah, like THAT makes it more acceptable.

Here's the recipe…

Outside in all weathers, the London Walks guides know a thing or two about battling the common cold.

My brief series on remedies and preventatives kicks off with my home made tincture for sore throats…

Any suggestions? As London Walkers how do you combat the common cold? I want to hear your remedies! Send ‘em in to the usual address.

The Daily Constitutional Tincture For Sore Throats

You will need…

50g Soft Eating Liquorice

Balsamic Vinegar

Dried Sage

Chamomile flowers


Whole cloves


Chop up the liquorice into small pieces and place in a pan with half a mug of water.

Add a good glug of Balsamic Vinegar and 6 cloves.

Bring to the boil, stirring continually, and simmer until the mixture is slightly gloopy and the liquorice has more or less dissolved.

While the mixture simmers…

In a mug place three heaped teaspoons of dried sage and one teaspoon of chamomile flowers. Fill with boiling water and allow to brew for a few minutes – for about as long as a good cup of builder’s tea.

Strain the mixture and add the result to the simmering liquorice solution.

Stir in 2-3 table spoons of honey.

Strain into a jar or bottle.

How To Take…

This tincture works best as a gargle, but won’t cause undue harm if swallowed.

Exercise caution with the cloves and never replace them with clove oil, which is much more potent and can burn, even small quantities.

And please take note: don’t keep it hanging around in a bottle/jar for more than two days, due to lack of preservatives. Similarly, don’t brew up vast amounts of the stuff as it is sure to go off and/or blow up your medicine cabinet.

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