Saturday, 4 February 2017

#HealthAndSafety Tips For 15th Century Executioners

DC Editor Adam writes…

In December 2016 I posted the The Daily Constitutional's blog post number 5,000.

To mark the occasion I've been digging in the archive and over February 2017 I'll be reblogging The DC's "Greatest Hits" – my 50 favourite posts. 

In addition I'll be sharing my 50 favourite London photos to have appeared here since October 2008. 

I hope you enjoy them

Feb 2017

This one was first posted on 16th October 2008…

Protective Gloves For the Executioner

You Said It… an occasional series relating questions asked and comments overheard on London Walks walking tours…

Adam writes… Last night I was leading a Ghosts of the old City walk for a group of Year 3 primary school pupils.

Upon presenting the gory details of hanging, drawing and quartering to this horribly delighted group of seven-year-olds, one little girl put up her hand asked the following question:

"Did the executioner wear protective gloves?"

I would jolly well think he did.

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