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No Cats Were Harmed In The Making Of The #Highgate Walk @roquesrichard

DC Editor Adam writes…

In December 2016 I posted the The Daily Constitutional's blog post number 5,000.

To mark the occasion I've been digging in the archive and over February 2017 I'll be reblogging The DC's "Greatest Hits" – my 50 favourite posts. 

In addition I'll be sharing my 50 favourite London photos to have appeared here since October 2008. 

I hope you enjoy them

Feb 2017

My London Walks guiding colleague and Daily Constitutional Associate Editor Richard III provided what I believe to be the first truly great Daily Constitutional blog post back on 25th November 2008. Thanks Richard, this one still makes me laugh!

No Cats Were Harmed In The Making Of This Walk

Richard III leads the Old Highgate Village Walk on Sundays. It has, in the past, been an incident-packed afternoon. Over to Richard:

“I was guiding in Old Highgate Village last year when I noticed a sign at the bottom of the hill at Jackson’s Lane offering a £50 reward for the return of a lost cat.

When we got to the top of the hill, another sign. A second cat had been lost, but the reward here was £500.

I told the group that property prices went up the higher up the hill you went and suggested that if someone was going to nick a cat they should do it at the top of the hill rather than the bottom…

At which point I was assailed by a woman who insisted that I address the group withdrawing my remark which was ‘a disgraceful endorsement of cruelty’ and that I also desist from making more remarks about animals. 

As I had already promised my group that I would be telling them tales of a horse five thousand feet in the air, a chicken stuffed by Bacon, swearing loyalty to the village of Highgate on the horns of a live ox and chasing a pig, catching it by its tail and throwing it over your shoulder, I replied that I could not accede to her request.

She then said that she was leaving and she would start a campaign in concert with animal welfare groups and would be sending people on my walk to record my inflammatory remarks.”

P.S. Above is a picture of Richard’s cat, Whisper. Whisper is not missing and therefore there is no reward for her return.

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