Friday, 17 February 2017

Wandering London On A Tube Strike Day

DC Editor Adam writes…

In December 2016 I posted the The Daily Constitutional's blog post number 5,000.

To mark the occasion I've been digging in the archive and over February 2017 I'll be reblogging The DC's "Greatest Hits" – my 50 favourite posts. 

In addition I'll be sharing my 50 favourite London photos to have appeared here since October 2008. 

I hope you enjoy them

Feb 2017

From time-to-time I blog about my big London rambles – long walks through London undertaken for fun outside my London Walks tours. This post, from 7th August 2015, details my wanders through London on the day of a tube strike……

Thanks to everyone who joined us on London Walks yesterday during the tube strike.

I made all of my London journeys yesterday on foot – covering 19.5 miles of London, through seven London boroughs, leading two walking tours in between "commutes" and was even interviewed by the BBC in Kensington as a Tube Strike expert!

Here are a few of the things I spotted along the way – things I wouldn't ordinarily have seen on a regular commute. There's a lot to be said for being driven above ground and onto the hind legs. By the way, this post contains a mild sweary word…

Cafe Toulous in Hampstead Garden Suburb - converted from the local public toilet. Toulous – geddit?

This way to the ball

Graffiti at Abbey Road – I think they mean Syd (as in Pink Floyd's Barrett) but it's the thought than counts

Good advice at Abbey Road – no more horrid sound in London than that of Brazilian Beatles fans being coaxed into the St John's Wood sky at high speed by angry white van drivers 

Red & Black


Dancing dresses in Portobello

Very W11

Interviewed by Victoria from the BBC as a Tube Strike Expert!
Commuters take to the water

Vividly creating the impression that extra buses were pressed into service

By five o'clock I was tired and I'm sorry to say that I judged this man harshly. On reflection, having slept on it, I STILL think he's a wanker. Just don't do it, cyclists

Heading home after my evening walking tour, out of Spitalfields through Hoxton

By this stage in the day, the universe seemed to be sending me psychogeographic messages (perhaps I was just tired)…

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