Thursday, 23 March 2017

#London Fragments From A Long London Day #WeStandTogether

DC Editor Adam writes…

As regular Daily Constitutionalists & London Walkers will know, it is my habit to update this blog first thing in the morning, often as a prelude to a day of leading London Walks tours.

I've left it a little later today. For obvious reasons.

It's not been the easiest day in London.

But I know I am lucky to have seen it.

It's not going to be the most coherent of Daily Constitutional blog posts. It's going to be fragmented. And the fragments may not even be in order. But here goes…

The late PC Keith Palmer was the subject of many tributes, including this one from Charlton Athletic Football Club in South London, marking the seat he occupied for many years at The Valley…

Every Londoner has played a part over the last day or so.

The doctors and nurses who ran across Westminster Bridge from St Thomas's Hospital yesterday to help at the scene.

And the passers-by who stopped to lend a hand. To do what they could.

Every Londoner who had to explain the situation to a child - I count myself in their number – mindful that Aysha Frade was killed on the school run yesterday.

And the police officers all over London last night and today, going about their business. Doing what they do, day in day out.

Every Londoner played a part last night: Every Londoner who made the effort not to bump into another Londoner as we jostled through the busier-than-usual West End streets; Every Londoner who didn't take to social media with bilious hatred.

Every Londoner who got in touch. Thanks to faraway & honorary Londoner Jeannine Lanigan…

Every Londoner who attended the vigil in Trafalgar Square tonight.

Every Londoner – visitor and resident alike - who joined us on a walking tour today played a part, too. I was in the East End with a group this morning. A chilly wind was whipping up from north east.

"Gather round folks," I said to the group, "come close and keep the wind off me!"

"And you can keep us warm," said one of the women in the group, "with all your hot air!"

Boom! We were all grateful for the laughter.

Particular thanks to every Londoner who laughed at the US TV presenter who suggested that we'd been brought to a standstill…

And thanks to President Obama. He gets us…

Last night, in the immediate aftermath of the incident, our London Walks tours went ahead as usual. I led the Rock'n'Roll London Pub walk and, as has become a regular feature on this walk, we stopped at the Alley Cat Bar in Denmark Street and I performed a few songs relating to London music stories.

Of all the acts that are associated with this great city, I just couldn't see past Bob Marley. So I sang Three Little Birds.

And everyone joined in. The tiny bar was packed, and everyone sang along. I stopped playing the guitar and they kept going. Londoners, Americans. Germans, Italians all singing "every little thing gonna be alright"…

Have a listen to the original. (And have a sing.)

We all did what we could. Every Londoner played a part. That – and this blog – was mine. Thanks to every Londoner who helped this Londoner get through this day. And thanks to every Londoner who helped a fellow Londoner along the way.

Last word to Londoner Angel Storey (as shared by Rick Steves)…

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