Friday, 7 April 2017

Friday Is Rock'n'Roll #London Day: #TheSupremes - A Bit of #Liverpool

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DC Editor Adam writes…

In that post I suggested that while the album was a lulu, the sleeve seemed rather anonymous.

That's a criticism that certainly can't be levelled at this album


A Bit of Liverpool is The Supremes' third studio album and was released in 1964. As the title would suggest, The Supremes are paying tribute to their "brothers in song" from England at the height of The British Invasion.

The "brothers in song" line is a quote from the linear notes - sleeve notes as they were called in this country. And here we have a classic of the genre

"Once this record is turned on," writes prolific Motown sleeve note writer Scott St James, "it will turn you on, and you won't be able to turn it off."



There's a bit of Detroit in the mix, too, with Smokey Robinson- and Berry Gordy-penned numbers included. But there's also a bit of London, in the shape of The Dave Clark Five (Bits and Pieces & Because). Tottenham's finest, The DC5 were huge in America.

Unless, that is, that Motown supremo Berry Gordy made the mistake of just assuming that all British groups came from Liverpool!

Perhaps the most eccentric track comes from Newcastle and The Animals via New Orleans in a surprising take on The House of the Rising Sun. Diana puts her back into the vocal with Flo and Mary providing a strident backing that really underpins the moral of the tale.

And what a sleeve! The bowler hats! The rolled umbrellas!

 (Coming soon… Stevie Wonder Live In London)

Here's the trailer for today's Rock'n'Roll London Walk…

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