Friday, 30 June 2017

Friday is Rock'n'Roll #London Day: Busted!

Friday is Rock'n'Roll London Day! Join the Rock'n'Roll London walk this (and every Friday) afternoon at 2:00p.m meeting at Tottenham Court Road Station

Adam writes…

It's the 50th anniversary of the first big rock’n’roll drugs bust. Who else but The Rolling Stones? On this day in 1967 Mick and Keith were released from prison after one night behind bars.

The scene: Keith’s country manor Redlands. The players: Mick, Keith, gallery owner Robert Fraser, 24 heroin ‘jacks’, a lump of hash, some uppers and Marianne Faithfull wrapped in a fur rug

The tabloids had an orgasm. 

Legend has it that the cops waited for George Harrison of those nice Beatles to leave the premises before the bust went ahead.

William Rees Mogg looked to Alexander Pope in his reaction to the (brief) incarceration of Jagger and Richards by writing his famous editorial in The Times under the headline Who Breaks A Butterfly On A Wheel?

The tale of gallery owner Robert Fraser, the "third man" in the bust, is something less celebrated than that of the errant Stones. Fraser, an Old Etonian and ex-officer in the King's African Rifles, was one of the most influential figures of swinging London. He put the work of Rene Magritte before Paul McCartney, inspiring the design of the Apple logo and also suggested Peter Blake as designer of the Sgt Pepper sleeve. For his part in the drugs bust he was sentenced to six months.

His story is told in Harriet Vyner's excellent book Groovy Bob.

In a show of solidarity, The Who recorded two Stones tracks…

Here's The Who's take on The Last Time…

And here's the Stones' own response to the whole ordeal, the single We Love You, with a video featuring Jagger as Oscar Wilde and Marianne Faithfull (Mick's then girlfriend) as Bosie…

When the convictions were finally overturned at the end of July '67, Jagger appeared on ITV's World In Action to debate the drug culture with The Bishop of Woolwich and the editor of The Times…

Watch the trailer for Wednesday's Rock'n'Roll London Pub walk, 7pm Tottenham Court Road tube (exit 1)…

And here's the trailer for THIS AFTERNOON'S Rock'n'Roll London Walk which meets at 2pm Tottenham Court Road station (exit 1).

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