Thursday, 5 October 2017

#HarvestMoon For Ghosts Of The West End Tonight #Halloween #FullMoon

DC Editor Adam writes…

It's the Harvest Moon tonight – brightest by about 7.40pm, 10 minutes after the start of the Ghosts of the West End Walk. Consider these Five Unusual Moon Superstitions as you join the tour…

• Never cut your hair when the moon is waning. To ensure a healthy head of hair and to stave off the greys, always make a trip to the hairdresser when the moon is waxing.

Always close the curtains on the night of a full moon and NEVER allow a child to sleep in direct moonlight. Full moonlight can cause bad luck, bad dreams and even blindness. Remember this rhyme…

I see the moon
The moon sees me
God bless the priest
That christened me

• To view a new moon over your left shoulder will bring bad luck. If the new moon is viewed over the right shoulder, good luck will follow only if you bow three times.

It is very bad luck to have your first view of a new moon through glass.

If a man dies at the time of the new moon then he will take all the family's good luck away.

My source for these five superstitions is the thoroughly fascinating (and highly addictive!) Penguin Guide to the Superstitions of Britain & Ireland…


Ghosts of the West End goes on Thursdays at 7.30pm meet at Embankment tube…

A London Walk costs £10 – £8 concession. To join a London Walk, simply meet your guide at the designated tube station at the appointed time. Details of all London Walks can be found at

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