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A Mini Tour Of #London #HorrorMovies Part Four: #TheMummy #Halloween

A Horror Movie Mini-Tour of London No.4 The Mummy (2017)

D.C Editor Adam writes…

In the Halloween Special episode of the London Walks Podcast 2017, I review The Mummy down through the years from 1932 to 2017.

The most recent version, starring Tom Cruise, fared terribly at the hands of the critics and was somewhat buried by Wonder Woman at the box office.

Me? I rather enjoyed it… up to a point. As you will hear in the podcast (click link above or scroll down to listen), I think it suffers from being the opening salvo in the Universal Studios Dark Universe franchise. Not only does it have the burden of setting up said Universe, but it also has a huge burden of expectation.

One of the things I loved most about it was the London-Spotting - much of the action is set here in the capital and in this the fourth instalment of my Mini Tours of Horror Movie London series, I'll point you toward a few of those locations…

The Mummy is available to buy now on all the usual platforms. 

The Mummy (2017) – London Locations

Is that Australia House on Aldwych being blown to smithereens by a sorely pissed-off Mummy?


(If it is, then there's a small irony to the matter: Australia House also has a role in the aforementioned box office rival Wonder Woman, playing the role of Selfridge's department store.)

The scene where the sandstorm blows furiously over Westminster Bridge is incredibly dramatic…


Mr Cruise is no stranger to our London pubs. He has a pint at The Anchor Bankside in Mission: Impossible. And in The Mummy, he sups at the London boozer once referred to by an Aussie London Walker on one of my tours as "The Wozza". The Warrington in Maida Vale is a rare London example of an Art Nouveau pub and once had something of a colourful reputation.

You can find The Wozza here…

But it's the CGI scenes of havoc in the City that are most memorable. It's no surprise that they feature in the trailer for the movie…

The Natural History Museum also gets a cameo role in a very dramatic chase sequence which ends up making a LOT of mess (see also the trailer)…

One last thing… is that Big Ben plopped down in the middle of the City of London?

The Mummy is available to buy now.

The official site for the movie is here:

Here's a behind-the-scenes look…

Catch up with the London Walks Halloween Podcast featuring The Mummy here…

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