Thursday, 2 November 2017

Second Last Word on #Halloween2017

An email and photo arrives at London Walks…

Hey London Walks,

We went on Richard’s Halloween ghost walk tonight. Could you please send this photo to him and tell him it creeped us out.

First thing Richard said to us was that London’s a haunted city and even on these walking tours there have been a few “incidents.” We thought, “oh, yeah, tell us another one.”

Toward the end when we walked through the park there was a weird guy standing under a street light. Long black coat, 1940s hat. Just sort of staring straight ahead. Scary face, hard face. Like he didn’t see us at all. Really weird thing was he was holding up an open umbrella even though it wasn’t raining.

Tom my husband took a photo. 

Everybody in the group said that guy was a bit creepy wonder what that was all about?

Then on the subway back to our hotel we looked at the photo.


The guy had a normal face. Or so we thought. The camera thought different.
What really creeps me out is that earlier in the walk Richard had told us that story about “not being able to photograph them.”

Anyway, loved the tour. But would just as soon not see Mr Umbrella Man again any time soon. 

See you around,

Sarah H. and Tom
Saugerties, NY

Thanks Sarah & Tom. Here's the pic…

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AND AND (!) there's now a dedicated Facebook Page for all our ghosts and horror walks. 

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Thanks to all who joined us over Halloween 2017!

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