Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Winter Tips from #LondonWalks Guides No.6. Layers!

DC Editor Adam writes… 

Outside in all weathers, we London Walks guides know a thing or two about battling the cold weather.

In this short series we're sharing our winter weather tips with our lovely London Walkers, a hardy bunch who join us rain or sleet in the winter months.

Kevin Flude chips in…

The best way to warm up for a winter walk is to… keep walking! But the second most important is to have lots of layers because this is Britain and it might warm up

I usually cycle to the start of my walks, and this makes it even more important to have layers, and layers which are easy to take off. For that reason, I'm afraid, the cardigan in all its forms is the centre of my winter wardrobe.  Too cold?  Zip or button it up. Too warm? Undo it.

Keeping the ears warm is the next imperative, and this requires a bobble hat… but the bobble won't fit under the helmet so it's a tight fitting beenie. Not very attractive but warm and I normally take it off to greet people at the Tube station.

Gloves, thin as possible so you can pick things up and so they fit in the pocket.

Thick socks are essential and a friend bought me a beautiful long pair of horsehair socks which are truly bliss, warm, but not so bulky that they tighten the shoe-fit or itch.

The worst winter problem is the day after the hair cut. I try to get mine trimmed before it starts to get really cold but I often miscalculate.

Warming up for me is done on the cycle home by my internal engine, and then a cup of tea, shoes off and read the paper.

Kevin Flude is Creative Director at The Old Operating Theatre Museum

His blog, And Did Those Feet, is here: www.anddidthosefeet.blogspot.co.uk

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