Friday, 21 September 2018

The Rain It Raineth…

Adam writes…

Big, grey, looming… and no walking tour guide wants to mention it.

The elephant in the room?

The rainy London sky.

As I blog this, sunshine streams through The Daily Constitutional office window. And it feels like tempting fate to be writing about rain.

But how can it be avoided here in London? I've written about it often on The DC. I've composed a eulogy to a good and faithful brolly. I've sent a love letter to the showers. I've given top tips on waterproof kit

I've even made a short film in tribute to the London Walkers who stay with us when the heavens open…

I found myself making a "follow-up" film following torrential on one of my Rock'n'Roll London Pub Walk. Yet so many of you turned up I had to laugh – what an eccentric bunch! I was delighted to see every one of you.

I had tried my very best to warn you off on Twitter earlier in the day…

But still you joined me!

I'm asked all the time: "Do you still do your walks when it rains?"

My answer is always the same: "Doesn't matter a stuff what WE do. YOU are they guys who come out it all weathers."

For this, much thanks. Here's my short film…

Wednesday 26th September 2018 Rock'n'Roll Pub Tour + LIVE Music From Your Guide - meet at Tottenham Court Road tube 7pm

Friday 28th September 2018 Rock'n'Roll London with London Walks - meet at Tottenham Court Road tube 2pm

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