Thursday, 20 September 2018

Counting Steps For #Fitness - Road Testing The Best Step Trackers #Walking #StepCount

DC Editor Adam writes…

Thursday is most often my biggest walking day of the week. So every Thursday for the next few weeks I'll be looking at Step Counter Apps here on The Daily Constitutional.

I was a bit annoyed when the update on my phone rendered a few of my favourite apps obsolete - the very definition of a first world problem, I suppose. 

The one I relied on most was the iSteps app – a really straightforward step counter. It had very few bells and whistles, add-ons or extras and no in-app purchases - it just worked really well and was very simple.

In replacing it I wanted a like-for-like replacement - i.e something simple – and Stepz fits the bill.

Stepz in Review

The dashboard is clean…

You can also choose to view your stats as a list

And there is an option to turn off the ads – £1.99. 

Extra-handy if you work in a place with lots of stairs is the facility to view your step-climbing stats.

You can set your target to any amount of steps you wish from a minimum of 3,000 rising in 500's right up to 60,000 (careful now!). 

Does it all sound a bit basic? A little rudimentary? Well that's because it is - and that, for me, is its appeal. A great, entry-level step tracker, nice and simple. 

It's the ideal tracker if you want to monitor a whole day's progress - not so good if you want to track individual, shorter walks and retain the stats for reference, as the app is either on-or-off. This is a bit of functionality I greatly miss now that iSteps no longer works. On the upside, the two days of road-testing, it didn't seem to be too hard on my battery, whereas the old iSteps was an exceptionally thirsty app.

I regularly use a FitBit and I've become a little addicted to WalkMeter – and I'll come back to both of those apps here at a later date.

Keep In Touch…


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