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Dracula In London Part Two: A Tribute To Christopher Lee

DC Editor Adam writes…

Last year I celebrated Halloween by taking the guys from the Lion King cast on a tour of their theatrical home The Lyceum. here's what we got up to…

From The Daily Constitutional archive, a tribute to my favourite screen Dracula, Christopher Lee…

Christopher Lee is Dead? He Is Absolutely No Such Thing

Back in June 2015, I was saddened to hear that the actor Sir Christopher Lee had passed away. He was 93.

Almost everyone I met that day had something to say about the great man. Here in Britain, particularly among those over the age of 30, he is well-remembered for his Dracula in the Hammer Studios horror movies from the 50's to the 70s.

I remember the day clearly – the 7th June 2015 – because it was a Thursday and on a Thursday I always get home late after leading two walking tours.

The last stage of my journey takes me through the local churchyard. Although it is dark, it only takes thirty seconds and saves me time at the end of the day. It is a shortcut and I have been taking it for years without batting an eyelid.

Until that night. When this image came surging forth in my mind

Like so many kids I was occasionally allowed to stay up late and watch scary movies on TV. And I had forgotten just how truly terrifying Lee’s Dracula appeared to me back then.

And not just back then, either. 

That Thursday night in 2015, my heart quickened along with my step and I was through the graveyard in record time without a backward glance.

I’ll be frank: it was a poor show from a grown man. Particularly one who leads ghostly walking tours

And it made me think: Don’t believe everything you hear in the news.

Christopher Lee is dead, is he? 


Just you wait until nightfall, my friend. Just you wait…

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